Payment methods available

We accept the following payment methods on our website:

  • Credit / Debit card: we accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express.
  • PayPal: Use your PayPal account to submit payment. Paypal 'Pay in 3' and Paypal credit can also be used for Paypal account holders.
  • Apple Pay & Web Payments

Order acceptance

Our website offers information on our products and the ability to place your order of such products. Order acceptance will take place only when we confirm your order via email, or we do not accept it or later cancel the order in accordance with our terms below. Unless otherwise stated, only one discount/offer can be applied per shopping basket. Most items are in stock and will be dispatched immediately therefore full payment is required at point of sale.

Non-acceptance/refusal of transactions

We reserve the right not to accept your order or to cancel your order if any of the following apply:

  • We have been unable to process your payment, or a bank or merchant service provider later cancels payment.
  • Payment has been made fraudulently or by illegal means.
  • The goods are unavailable from our stock.
  • The item/s are no longer available from the manufacturer.
  • We have made an error in pricing or product description.
  • We do not supply to your address.

In the event that your payment has been received in part or full for an order, which is subsequently, cancelled you will be reimbursed in full by the same method (and where applicable to the same debit/ credit card used).