We are pleased to share with you our range of soft and stylish Guinea Pig fleece accessories - Cuddle Cups, Sleep Sacks, Tunnels & Pee Pads. With bright, floral patterns on the outside and the softest coloured fleece on the inside, these fleece accessories are a treat for your Guinea Pig and they're also a great decorative addition to your home.

We're proud to say Penthouse Piggies fleece accessories are of the highest quality, vouched for by our customers and, most importantly, our four piggies absolutely adore them!

Cuddle Cups

Cuddle Cups are cosy, cushioned beds for your Guinea Pigs to snuggle into and get comfortable on your lap. Cuddle Cups provide a great solution for keeping your Guinea Pig at ease while you check them over, groom them, or just want to spend some bonding time together.

Tunnel Hidey

Tunnels provide Guinea Pigs with a comfortable shelter within their home so they can spend some alone time from their neighbours. In any typical Guinea Pig home, we recommend using an assortment of tunnels, bridges, tubes and hideaways for them to explore and play.

Sleep Sacks

Guinea Pigs love to rummage in fabrics as it helps them feel comfortable and safe, particularly when adapting to new surroundings. The entrance has a supportive band sewn in so that the mouth stays open and inviting to Piggies looking for a soft and cosy hideaway.

Pee Pads

The Pee Pad does what it says on the tin. A useful accessory to provide protection if you are handling or transporting them when nature calls. You might also want to use a Pee Pad within the cage if you want to provide extra protection on top of your fleece cage liners.

Why fleece products are good for you & your guinea pigs

Reduce ongoing costs

Fleece is a cost-effective alternative to traditional bedding materials like wood shavings. There is naturally a larger initial investment but fleece can be simply washed and reused many times over.

Save time on cleaning

As the fleece bedding and accessories can be easily machine washed, refreshing your Guinea Pig's home is a quick process and it is easier to keep the mess at a minimum without loose wood shavings everywhere!

Kinder to your piggies

Guinea Pigs have small and sensitive feet which makes them prone to diseases and discomfort. A fleece liner or fleece accessories throughout the Guinea Pigs home will give them a soft floor to snuggle up on.

It is also known that Guinea Pigs have dust allergies which cause respiratory issues and these are triggered by the dust in wood shavings. Fleece liners and accessories will remove this issue and keep your Guinea Pigs in good health.

Kinder to our planet

Fleece accessories are a better environmental choice with reduced waste and the reusability via washing. Fleece accessories are simple to wash by hand and dry on the line, without the need for costly washers and dryers.

Fleece Accessories - FAQ

Why should I use Penthouse Piggies fleece accessories?

There are loads of options out there which is great for the community but the reason we started making our own fleece accessories was to produce designs to our own taste and we wanted to share them with you.

We're really proud of the quality of our products and it's still amazing each time we walk in to see our own Guinea Pigs curled up in a cuddle cup or taking shelter in the tunnel. They love them and we think you will too!

How to wash fleece products correctly?

Guinea Pig fleece accessories and bedding will need to be washed regularly to prevent odours and keep your piggies comfortable, safe and happy. It is really simple to wash these items by hand and dry them out on the washing line - when washing them just use hot water and a clear laundry detergent. Guinea pigs have sensitive respiratory systems, so scented products may cause irritation.

We appreciate thats not an option for everyone. If you need to machine wash them, do so on a low temperature wash and avoid the tumble dryer. The heat may cause the product to shrink and may ruin the shape and quality, while also reducing the wicking property which is what allows water to pass through

How long do fleece products last?

They last a while and are worth the investment but this ultimately depends on how they are treated and looked after. Fleece products have an amazing reusability if you clean them properly and avoid washing and drying on high heats. Your Guinea Pigs should not feel the urge to eat their fleece but if they do this it is because they are lacking something else to eat or do around their home. Make sure they are well fed and keep the home stocked with plenty of play things.

What are the downsides to using fleece products?

We've talked a lot about the positives of using these products but it's important to provide balance. Here are a few things to consider before making your choice:

  • The initial outlay is more expensive. Buying the liners and all the accessories quickly adds up and it's not within every Guinea Pig owners budgets. The plus side is that you are probably only going to do this once so find a set that you love the design of and invest if you can.
  • They require a bit more attention on the cleaning side as they should be spot cleaned daily and this can be a chore if you have many Guinea Pigs and a large cage space.
  • The additional laundry requirement can also take its toll on your pocket if you are using the washing machine more frequently.

How to keep your cage clean with fleece?

Aside from providing a soft flooring for your Guinea Pigs home, the fleece is also there to take moisture when your piggies go to the toilet but they are not absorbent which is why regular cleaning is required. In addition to your cage liners, you can add a few fleece pee pads under water bottles and around the cage, particularly in corners, where your Guinea Pigs may go toilet more frequently.

How to use fleece bedding correctly?

Fleece, on its own, is not absorbent so it shouldn't be used as the primary liner in your Guinea Pigs home. You will need an additional layer beneath the fleece that is absorbent. You can get fleece liners that have the absorbent layer added inside, these are typically more expensive but a worthy investment. Without this layer the liquid will have nowhere to go and will make the home wet and uncomfortable for your Guinea Pigs.

There are many options for the absorbent base layer in your Guinea Pigs home, we have often used towels or bath matts as they are super absorbent.

Some fleece comes with a chemical layer that prevents the liquid from flowing through but you can wash it a couple of times with hot water - this is known as the 'wicking' process. If you can drip some water on to the fleece and it soaks through in seconds then it is ready to use.